When Is A Crime Not A Crime?

Answer:  When it is committed by a bank.

Imagine, you commit a crime – a very serious crime – and instead of being prosecuted you are able to negotiate it away for a fee.  You can pay a relative small amount of all you have stolen and the “un” justice system in our country will not charge you nor prosecute you.  In fact, they will give you immunity so that you can never be charged or punished for your crimes.

Imagine you commit murder.  Premeditated murder.  You tell everyone you are going to do it and then video yourself doing it in front of thousands of eye witnesses.  You happen to be very wealthy – say you are a multi millionaire worth maybe $500 million.  The criminal “un” justice system says to you, pay us a fine of let’s say $1 million and we will give you immunity from your crime and no one will ever be able to prosecute you for it.  What would be the result of our justice system?  Total chaos.  The rich would commit crimes and the poor – the rest of the people – would pay for it.

That is what is happening today with our banks.  The Attorneys General of our 50 states are negotiating just such a deal.  In fact, the newly elected AG for Florida has fired the legal team that was investigating the bank fraud.  Yes, I said fired them very unexpectedly.  They had learned too much and knew too much.  The new AG working under a newly elected Governor who himself ran a company that was charged with the biggest Medicare fraud ever in the history of the U.S.

Yes, I said his company was charged with Medicare fraud.  Not he as CEO and founder but it matters not as they just paid a relatively small fine and he was elected Governor.

But I must say, with all due respect to the Governor, he was elected by the people.  OK, people who elected him, tell me why!

This is corruption at its finest.  Un American, Un Constitutional, Un Democratic and Un believable.

So here is the story published by Reuters:

States negotiating immunity for banks over foreclosures  …

By Scot J. Paltrow

NEW YORK | Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:24pm EDT

(Reuters) – State attorneys general are negotiating to give major banks wide immunity over irregularities in handling foreclosures, even as evidence has emerged that banks are continuing to file questionable documents.

A coalition of all 50 states’ attorneys general has been negotiating settlements with five of the biggest U.S. banks that would include payment of up to $25 billion in penalties and commitments to follow new rules. In exchange, the banks would get immunity from civil lawsuits by the states, as well as similar guarantees by the Justice Department and Department of Housing and Urban Development, which have participated in the talks.

Read the whole story…click here

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New Foreclosure Blogs Posted

Our purpose here at TheForeclosureDetonatorFORUM has always been to encourage people to fight against injustice by fighting their foreclosures.  In keeping with our purpose our aim is to keep you informed.   If you have an attorney some of what we present to you may be of use to them.  If you are representing yourself Pro Se then the information is definitely useful.


We have added two new links.  One – Foreclosure Industry – I have just come across and found it of value.   The other – LivingLies – by Neil Garfield has been around for quite some time and is probably the most read foreclosure defense blog around.  It is chock full of information.  You must take time to navigate through it but there is much valuable information that can be used by your attorney or yourself as Pro Se.

The foreclosure crisis is not yet over.  Foreclosures are on the rise again and there are literally millions of foreclosure cases around the country that have yet to make their way through the bogged down court systems.

As an introduction to Foreclosure Industry I offer this clip and link from a story I found very interesting.

How Fraudulent Joinder is Used to Remove Cases to Federal Court

This weekend, I worked on a Motion to Remand. The bank removed my case to federal court, which is standard procedure these days, at least here in Arizona. The issue of fraudulent joinder was raised, which led me to some interesting information on the subject.

I’m posting this because I don’t know how many lawyers are familiar with fraudulent joinder, and it’s increasingly being used in foreclosures in removals to federal court.

Essentially, fraudulent joinder is an emerging doctrine being used by bank defendants who don’t want to litigate in state courts.

Removal based on general diversity jurisdiction is proper only when there is complete diversity among the parties and there is no properly joined and served in-state defendant.

In plain language, this means that removal from a state court to a federal court is allowable only when all parties are not citizens of the state where they lawsuit it filed.

So, if a plaintiff wants to defeat diversity jurisdiction, they may add (sue) a non-diverse or in-state defendant along with the diverse defendants.

This makes the non-diverse or in-state defendant a “jurisdictional spoiler” because it “spoils” the diversity of all defendants, which would normally keep the case in state courts.

This means that the case cannot be removed unless ALL defendants are diverse, and if one party is NOT diverse, removal is not appropriate.

But this doesn’t stop the banks. They simply allege that the non-diverse party was fraudulently joined. In other words, the only reason the plaintiff added the non-diverse party was to keep the case in state courts.

Read More…click here

Refer to these sites and others in your fight against injustice that is destroying the American way of life … and our Republic.

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Judge Schack Strikes Out Again For Justice

Supreme Court Justice Schack hits HSBC for ‘frivolous motion’ in foreclosure, asks boss to explain

Wednesday, July 06, 2011
Once again New York Judge Schack upholds the law and justice.

A Brooklyn judge has ordered the head of one of the nation’s biggest banks to appear in court and explain why it should not be penalized for submitting false documents in a foreclosure case.

In a scathing decision issued Friday, Supreme Court Justice Arthur Schack dismissed HSBC’s case against Bedford-Stuyvesant homeowner Ellen Tahrer as a “frivolous motion” and a “waste of judicial resources.”

A Brooklyn judge has ordered the head of one of the nation’s biggest banks to appear in court and explain why it should not be penalized for submitting false documents in a foreclosure case.

In a scathing decision issued Friday, Supreme Court Justice Arthur Schack dismissed HSBC’s case against Bedford-Stuyvesant homeowner Ellen Tahrer as a “frivolous motion” and a “waste of judicial resources.”

The bank failed to prove it even owned the $475,000 mortgage on Tahrer’s home, Schack ruled. Instead, its lawyers submitted documents from several notorious “robo-signers,” all of which claimed the original loan had been transferred to HSBC from Delta Funding Corp., the original lender, which declared bankruptcy in 2007.

Those documents were “replete with false statements,” Schack ruled. He ordered the British bank’s North American CEO, Irene Dorner, to appear July 15 to explain.

“Submitting false documents” is fraud upon the court.  It is a crime.  It is happening in almost every case in almost every court in the country.  Few, very few judges have the guts to call it what it is.  An illegal practice which makes a sham of our entire judicial system.  If judges (not Schack) can allow fraud and illegal practices to prevail in our courts then we do not truly have a court system that is fair.  This is not the type of system our Republic was meant to have.  These are kangaroo courts to say the least.

“Those documents were “replete with false statements,” Schack ruled” as he dismissed their case against the homeowner.   “He ordered the British bank’s North American CEO, Irene Dorner, to appear July 15 to explain.”

It will indeed be very interesting to hear how the CEO of HSBC explains his banks committing fraud, attempting to defraud the courts just to take a home away from someone, collect their losses from the U.S. Government, then sell the house they have NO investment in for any price which becomes pure profit on their books.

The banks stole America to cause this economic crisis and they all continue to steal from Americans for no other reason then greed, well perhaps to control the country and the population as well.

Thank you Justice Schack for your honesty and belief in our system.  For those that are not aware, Justice Schack has been ruling according to law against fraudulent foreclosures for nearly 4 years now.  He is a leader in the crusade for justice and the American way of life.

We will follow his rulings and cases closely.

Read the entire story in the New York Daily News…click here

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Bank of America and Wrongful Foreclosures

Q.  When is a crime not a crime?

A.  When the crime is committed by a bank.

Those of who blog about wrongful foreclosures have for years now been writing articles disclosing the many frauds committed by the banks.  From securitization to the court house step sale of residential property.  Yet for years now no one in power – law enforcement agencies – seem to care.  In fact, they most often have turned a blind eye if not aided and abetted these crimes themselves.

Last night I was wondering about our laws and the very basic principal of assumed innocence until proven guilty.  Of course, this applies only to criminal cases not to civil.  In civil court the one must prove their innocence so they are presumed guilty at first.  I never did understand that.

All that being said, I am a firm believer in the assumption of innocence until proven guilty.  Without that major assumption many would fall into this abyss of guilt when truly innocent.  This, of course, is a much larger topic not for this particular forum.

Having said I believe in innocence until guilt is proven, why then to I openly accuse banks and their bankster executives of criminal actions and continued criminal activities?  The answer is simple.  It is because there has been more then sufficient evidence produced and published  – often times with admission.

Here are just two more examples of proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  While the stories are not new, they have received wide spread national media attention.  These are not isolated cases and Bank of America, as indicated in one of the linked articles below, is referred to a “serial offender of foreclosure fraud”.

The first story is about the 82 year old Tampa man who went on vacation to return home to a house that had been emptied of all its contents.  All of his lifelong belongings and possessions.  The locks on his door were even changed.

On the outside this would immediately look like a case of breaking and entering, burglary and grand theft yet the local police department did nothing.  They called the contractor who was hired by B of A to clean out the house who simply told the police “it was a mistake” (Indeed, they were contracted to clean out the house next door).  The police then concluded that this was a civil matter not a criminal case.  Civil???  Someone just broke into a house and burglarized it of all its contents! 

Watch this brief video from MSNBC and Dylan Ratiganclick hereSorry, embed not possible

To add insult to this massive injury…the house had no mortgage.  It was free and clear.

What ever happened to the right of privacy in our own homes as well as to the right of peaceful enjoyment?

In this second case which happened in Collier County, Florida (just down the road from Tampa), another couple who paid cash for their home  and was being foreclosed on by – none other then – Bank of America.  They went to court, proved they owned the house free and clear.  The judge ruled that it was a wrongful foreclosure.

Here again, wrongful foreclosure to me means a fraudulent one.  If this is fraudulent and fraud is against the law then where is any criminal action agaisnt BofA?  Fraud, last I looked, was against the law – a crime.  Maybe I am wrong about that.  Perhaps if an attorney is reading this they may want to clarify this for me.

The outcome of this case is somewhat different from the case above.  The homeowners did succeed in fighting the wrongful foreclosure and are trying to collect their legal fees.  In a strange turn of events, they actually foreclosed on the bank.  Kudos to their attorney who had the chutzpah – guts – to do so.

View the entire report from digtriad.com/WFMY Newsclick here
Sorry, embed not possible


Two examples of crimes committed.  Conclusive proof and evidence I would say.  Both cases should have criminal charges placed against the offenders yet once again, if you are a bank, you own a permanent “Get Out Of Jail Free” card.

The link below is worth viewing.  I will post it another day for all to see.

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JP Morgan Chase sued – for FRAUD – Again !!!

This story brought to you courtesy of our friends at OHIO FRAUDclosure.  Click on the link and visit them frequently.  They are heading up the fight against fraudulent foreclosures in Ohio.

Two (2) Major Lawsuits seek close to $ 1 BILLION DOLLARS 

Mounting evidence of outrageous behaviour and even more examples of outright FRAUD (committed by JP Morgan Chase?) has become so overwhelming & obvious, that soon, we’ll need “State Scorecards” to track the sheer volume and huge numbers …of lawsuits… being filed against JP Morgan Chase.

Read it all…click here

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The Florida Bar Association and First Amendment Rights

Those of us who have fought against illegal foreclosures here in Florida and around the country will be interested in this article from naked capitalism’s Yves Smith.  Yves is very outspoken and I commend her for her honesty and most of all chutspah.  I have often quoted her in this blog and my sister blog GoldmanSachs666.com.  Once again she publishes an article worthy of our attention here at TFD.

The post –Lawyers Threatened With Sanctions for Talking About Foreclosure Abuses – talks about the actions and inactions of the Bar Association in their efforts to quiet some attorneys who do the right thing by defending against the illegal foreclosures and speak out against the “rocket docket” system of pushing foreclosures through the system with little and no regard for the law.  Indeed, our system has “gone wild”.

I have often spoken out against the foreclsoure mill attorneys and the many judges whose total disregard for the law has made a shamble of our court system.  My concept of “the law is the law for everyone” does not exist.  Justice is dispensed based on economic status.  The more money you have or control the more the law becomes irrelevant.

I have often wondered how the “mill” attorneys could represent banks or their non bank servicing companies with full knowledge of the fraud that was being perpetrated.  I have wondered even more how judges – whose sole function is to dispense the law in a fair and equitable way also have a total disregard for the law especially when it comes to the average American.

Yves, in her post mentions the actions being taken against one of our own “home grown heroes” here in Pinellas County Florida.  A friend to all in foreclosure and a leader in the fight to right the wrongs so evident in our legal system.

The Bar also is investigating Tampa lawyer Matthew Weidner for “exercising free speech in the courtroom” in violation of a Pinellas County ordinance. Weidner, a prominent foreclosure defense lawyer, runs a blog critical of the state’s foreclosure process and is frequently quoted in national publications.

Matt Weidner has helped many.  He probably could have easily joined the ranks of the “mill” attorneys but his loyalty to the ethics of his profession would not allow him to do so even with the hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions – of dollars that could have been made.

The Bar Association must be a police force policing their industry against fraudulent activities, should not side with judges who would shred our Constitution and destroy our entire justice system.  Nor should they even attempt to violate anyone’s First Amendment rights.  In fact, they should honor those in their profession who take the stand for justice and promote the true code of ethics of their profession.  Lawyers like Matt Weidner, Judges like Boyko of Ohio and Shack of New York are the true standard bearers of justice and serve to protect the rights of the people.

The banks have taken liberties through fraud and willful disregard for laws, rules and regulations.  Our regulators allowed these abuses and continue to do so.  Our courts have also been complicit in aiding and abetting these illegal activities.

Little real actions have been taken against those lawyers who knowingly and willfully create fraud on the courts, cause the loss of individuals rights for fair and equitable treatment in our courts and do so for personal gain and profit.  This is as organized a criminal activity as are the drug cartels and the mafia.

Judges, lawyers and Bar Associations, remember your oaths.  Serve the interests of the people, uphold the laws and dispense justice fairly.  We the people (remember that phrase?) will settle for no less.

To all the attorneys like Matt Weidner …keep up the fight.  We are with you.

To read Yves Smith post in its entirety…click here

The Law Is The Law For Everyone

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North Carolina Upholds Standing

This is big and this is important.

Click here to read.

It’s all about standing.  Having the legal right to foreclose.  The courts have ignored this rule for years but now they seem to be paying attention.  Standing IS THE ISSUE.  If you do not have the right to take the action then you simply cannot.  It is the law everywhere and needs to be upheld.  Just because a bank says it can it must prove it can.  Courts for too long have just gone along with the banks just because they are “the bank”.  In addition, those lawyers that perjure themselves must also be taken to the bar.  They lie in court, create fraud upon the court and act against the law.  They are as criminal as are the banks.  They should all be prosecuted and disbarred.

The appellate judge should be commended for taking the right action.  Judges are our lifeline to justice.  They are the ones protecting it.  Judges too, should be held accountable.

The CBS 60 Minutes Clip You Must Watch…Exposing the fraud

60 Minutes (Australian TV program)

Image via Wikipedia

For years now, many of us have been attempting to expose the fraud on the part of the banks and more recently on the part of many foreclosure mill law firms.  I for one, have been questioning how most judges around the country have just closed their eyes to the laws when they rule in favor of the banks.  With the exception of judges like Boyko of Ohio , Shack of New York and a very small handful of others the majority of our judicial system have chosen not to uphold the laws, take action for contempt of the law and even more important do nothing when there is obvious fraud on the courts.

CBS’s 60 Minutes has produced this segment, “The Next Housing Shock” which aired Sunday, April 3, 2011.  My previous post talked about it and linked you to the print version of the story.  Now, here is the actual video.

Forward this link to as many as you can.  We must join together to fight back against an illegal and ongoing criminal enterprise.  The banks and the lawyers that represent them must be punished for their illegal and criminal acts.  So must any judge who displays a blatant disregard for the laws they are sworn to uphold.  We must put the “just” back into justice.

Sorry: Embed did not work.  Please click here…for link to video clip

Here is the link to this TFD post to forward:


Click Here…for google search entries on Judge Shack


More video on this story:

Since the late-70s, 60 Minutes' opening featur...

Image via Wikipedia

Mortgage mess: Who really owns your mortgage?

Scott Pelley explains a bizarre aftershock of the U.S. financial collapse: An epidemic of forged and missing mortgage documents

Click here…To View Clip

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Judges Waking Up To Fraud on the Court

This is one of the most important articles ever published that EVERYONE must read.  It was published on the Front Page of the Palm Beach Post today, Sunday, April 3rd.  It is the first real sign that perhaps, perhaps, our judicial system is finally looking at “justice” and protecting the rights of the citizen not the fraud and criminal activities of many in the legal and banking professions.

We here at TheForeclosureDetonator FORUM along with othes such as attorney’s Neil Garfield, Matt Weidner, April Charney and others have been attempting to expose for over three years now.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! Pass this link on to as many as you can.  Pass it on to other attorneys, judges, politicians, friends, neighbors and relatives.  We must strike while the iron is hot.  Justice is beginning to swing our way but WE THE PEOPLE must carry the torch in order to bring justice back to the people and bring criminal justice to those who have and still continue to defraud the American people and the American economy.

This is the link to this post in TheForeclosureDetonatorFORUM:


This is the link to the Palm Beach Post article I have reprinted below.  Please go the this link yourself to view the comments and perhaps even add your own comment.


This is also IMPORTANT!  It is from tonight’s edition of CBS 60 Minutes. You can read the story by clicking the link below.  We will publish the actual video segment as soon as it is made available by CBS.  Be sure to also read the 60 Minutes Overtime article on Who Really Owns Your Mortgage.


I have much more commentary on news events of today but due to the length of this post I will refrain from my comments until tomorrow in an new post.  In the meantime.  Pass this on and ask those you send it to to pass it on to others they know.

The fraud has been once again exposed.  While both the Palm Beach Post and 60 Minutes refrain from calling this outright criminal activity we all know it is and crimes must not go unpunished.  Banks, their employees, the law firms and lawyers they employ to facilitate these crimes must all be brought to justice.  THERE IS NO GET OUT OF JAIL CARD for any of them just because they are bankers and lawyers.  They are in fact all CROOKS.

Give us your feedback here.  We can light the torch and carry it to the halls of justice.

Foreclosure crisis: Fed-up judges crack down disorder in the courts

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Updated: 10:06 a.m. Sunday, April 3, 2011

Posted: 7:57 p.m. Saturday, April 2, 2011

Angry and exasperated by faulty foreclosure documents, judges throughout Florida are hitting back by increasingly dismissing cases and boldly accusing lawyers of “fraud upon the court.”

A Palm Beach Post review of cases in state and appellate courts found judges are routinely dismissing cases for questionable paperwork. Although in most cases the bank is allowed to refile the case with the appropriate documents, in a growing number of cases judges are awarding homeowners their homes free and clear after finding fraud upon the court.

Still, critics say judges are not doing enough.

“The judges are the gatekeepers to jurisprudence, to the Florida Constitution, to access to the courts and to due process,” said attorney Chip Parker, a Jacksonville foreclosure defense attorney who was recently investigated by the Florida Bar for his critical comments about so-called “rocket dockets” during an interview with CNN. “It’s discouraging when it appears as if there is an exception being made for foreclosure cases.”

In February, Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Maxine Cohen Lando took one of the largest foreclosure law firms in the state to task in a public hearing meant to send a message. She called Marc A. Ben-Ezra, founding partner of Ben-Ezra & Katz P.A., before her to explain discrepancies in a case handled by an attorney in his Fort Lauderdale-based firm.

“This case should have never been filed,” said Lando, who referred to the firm’s work on the case as “shoddy” and “grossly incompetent.” She called Ben-Ezra a “robot” who filed whatever the banks sent him, and held him in contempt of court. She then gave the homeowner the home – free and clear – and barred the lender from refiling the foreclosure.

Attorney Maria Mussari, who represents the homeowner, said she wasn’t surprised.

“She has become a voice for other judges,” Mussari said. “If judges crack down on following the rules, we’ll still have foreclosures, but maybe the banks will pay attention and do it right.”

Mussari said it’s taken a while for the courts to wake up to the foreclosure disorder because homeowners were largely unrepresented and judges overwhelmed.

“It’s not that they don’t care,” she said. “They have thousands of cases on their docket and it’s the same thing over and over again.”

Ongoing scrutiny by the FBI, the Florida attorney general, the Florida Bar, the media and defense attorneys has uncovered countless examples of forged signatures, post-dated documents, robo-signing and lost paperwork.

As a result, defense attorneys are filing more motions challenging the documents. That means judges must spend more time reviewing documents and holding hearings. The situation was complicated last week when attorney David J. Stern, who operated the largest so-called foreclosure mill in Florida, sent letters to the chief judges of Florida’s 20 circuit courts announcing that he intended to violate court rules and dump 100,000 foreclosure cases without a judge’s order.

“We no longer have the financial or personnel resources to continue to file Motions to Withdraw in tens of thousands of cases that we still remain as counsel of record,” Stern wrote, suggesting that the judges treat the pending cases “as you deem appropriate.”

Last year, Florida lawmakers gave the courts $6 million to hire senior judges and case managers to reduce the foreclosure backlog. Since the money was awarded July 1, judges have cleared nearly 140,000 cases. As of the end of February, 322,724 foreclosures were still in the system.

But clearing backlogs isn’t what judges should be focused on, said University of Miami Law Professor A. Michael Froomkin .

“Substantive justice still needs to be done, and that’s very hard sometimes,” Froomkin said. “When I read stories about judges looking at things more carefully and holding attorneys accountable, to me, the system is doing what it needs to do.”

A closer inspection of cases by judges would slow down the foreclosure train, but the result may be preferable to mere expediency.

“Justice,” Froomkin said. “The outcome, I hope, is justice.”

Alan White, a law professor at Valparaiso University in Indiana, who has studied the foreclosure issue nationwide, said judges had few reasons to doubt banks in the beginning of the foreclosure avalanche.

“They had a lot of credibility,” White said. “Now, when a bank says it owns a mortgage, judges are skeptical.”

White said a smattering of “maverick” judges began poking holes in foreclosures years ago before the media and lawmakers seized on problems in the fall. The judicial momentum has built since then.

“The combined impact will clearly be to change practices and to reduce the amount of corner-cutting the banks and their lawyers are engaged in,” White said. “It could mean foreclosures get slower. It could also encourage banks to pursue alternatives to foreclosure.”

The professors agree it’s difficult for judges to pick out problems in foreclosure cases that are undefended. Homeowner advocate is not their role.

“They don’t fix things,” Froomkin said. “They decide cases.”

Read the full article from the source…click here

“Who Owns My Mortgage”…Demand To Know

Back in October, 2010, I posted an article “Who Owns My Mortgage…” in my other blog GoldmanSachs666.com.  As I was working on that blog earlier today, I was reminded that this one post had received the second most  comments of any other post in the history of GS666.  It was second only to Is Goldman Sachs Manipulating the Stock Market? – It Sure Looks Like It posted by Mike Morgan in April, 2009. shortly after he founded that site.  I acquired the site from him in October of 2009.

While that particular blog (called one of the top 10 Wall Street blogs you must bookmark now by the WSJ) – excuse the pat on the back – is mostly dedicated to exposing the  crimes, injustices and overall contol and power Goldman Sachs had over us and our government – I have taken the liberty of expanding the theme to include banking in general as well as the housing crisis.

Here is an excerpt from that post as well as the link to it.  Please enter your comments here or add to the ones already posted on the GoldmanSachs666 site.

The fight and battle continues.  Do not let “them” win.  This is our country ruled under our Constitution giving us our rights.  It is not up to the banksters to rule over us overriding the Constitution as well as all other laws be they local, state or federal.

Note: Anyone wishing to publish an article on GoldmanSachs666.com, please contact me by email: Larry@GoldmanSachs666.com.  I also have two related sites you will see links to on the main GS666 page.  Authors and contributors are needed there as well.  My FORUMS are meant to allow people to express themselves as well as reach out to continue the fight against those who want our homes, lives and next…our first born.

Who Owns My Mortgage Note…Demand To KNow

Editor’s Note: To all our GS666 readers.  The battle against big banks and The Too Big To Fail is just beginning.  We here at GS666 have been attempting to expose the truth thereby forcing resolutions for the many lawless injustices practiced by them.  In our departure from GS only material, we are and will be offering information and commentary on what will probably become the hottest topic since the beginning of this bank created scam on the world.  The evidence of fraud by banks and attorneys is reprehensible.  Our founder Mike Morgan thought so when he created this blog.  He believed in it and stood by his convictions as Goldman Sachs attempted to shut him up and shut this blog down.  Those of us who volunteered here and stood by him can now see some light at the end of a very large unjust tunnel.  We are proud to expand our horizons here at GS666.  After all, it is a fight for truth and freedom.

This email came to me from SEIU – Service Employees International Union – a union, who for the most part, supports “the people”.  I say, “for the most part” because there are times when I do disagree with them but as far as unions go, this is one of the better ones.

It includes a link to a web site that allows you to easily modify a letter to your bank and allows you to email it with a simple click of a button.

It has a very comprehensive list of banks and a link to go to if your bank is not included.  In addition, it provides a toll free number for each bank.

Read it all …including all comments…click here


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