Foreclosures Increasing

All the bailouts and all the trillions of dollars – 7.7 Trillion estimated so far – have done absolutely nothing for the average American or the American Homeowner. 

The government’s experimentation with the economy is aimed at only helping Wall Street and Bank Street.  The money Congress has allocated to be used to help those in foreclosure not only has not been used but -will not – be used as Secretary of the Treasury Paulson announced.

What does this mean if you are facing foreclosure?  It means no rescue – no help – no bailout.  It seems the goal by those in power is to have as many of us as possible living in the streets or in what will ultimately become Government Housing.  Yes, you house could be owned by the government who will rent it out to someone else – not even you.

With little cash available to most of us, with daily survival wearing us down, we must begin to do something to protect ourselves against what is happening.  The typical solutions for foreclousre, selling or refinancing are both out of the question.

Few people know and the government and the banks certainly are not going to admit to this, but the foreclosure actions taken in many cases are illegal.  Yes, they are being done fraudulently.  Many judges around the country have ruled against foreclosures, in some cases dismissing cases that CANNOT be refiled again thus allowing homeowners to stay in their homes – even while not making any payments.

Can you defend yourself against a foreclosure?  Yes you can, if you know how to do it.  There is much information on the internet and with research you can find case history and actual court documents that will show you the way.  It can take many hours to do so.

I have spent the better part of this past year researching all of this for you and while, not a lawyer, I offer no legal advice.  I can however sell you the information I have researched.  Information that can save your home.

Some judges have ruled against the lawyers filing suit on behalf of the banks and called their law suits and attempts to foreclosre, “Fraud Upon The Court”.

While our economy is being destroyed and Wall Street along with Bank Street are given all the money, it is time we fight back.

For more information, email me at  I will be happy to communicate with you.

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