The Florida Bar Association and First Amendment Rights

Those of us who have fought against illegal foreclosures here in Florida and around the country will be interested in this article from naked capitalism’s Yves Smith.  Yves is very outspoken and I commend her for her honesty and most of all chutspah.  I have often quoted her in this blog and my sister blog  Once again she publishes an article worthy of our attention here at TFD.

The post –Lawyers Threatened With Sanctions for Talking About Foreclosure Abuses – talks about the actions and inactions of the Bar Association in their efforts to quiet some attorneys who do the right thing by defending against the illegal foreclosures and speak out against the “rocket docket” system of pushing foreclosures through the system with little and no regard for the law.  Indeed, our system has “gone wild”.

I have often spoken out against the foreclsoure mill attorneys and the many judges whose total disregard for the law has made a shamble of our court system.  My concept of “the law is the law for everyone” does not exist.  Justice is dispensed based on economic status.  The more money you have or control the more the law becomes irrelevant.

I have often wondered how the “mill” attorneys could represent banks or their non bank servicing companies with full knowledge of the fraud that was being perpetrated.  I have wondered even more how judges – whose sole function is to dispense the law in a fair and equitable way also have a total disregard for the law especially when it comes to the average American.

Yves, in her post mentions the actions being taken against one of our own “home grown heroes” here in Pinellas County Florida.  A friend to all in foreclosure and a leader in the fight to right the wrongs so evident in our legal system.

The Bar also is investigating Tampa lawyer Matthew Weidner for “exercising free speech in the courtroom” in violation of a Pinellas County ordinance. Weidner, a prominent foreclosure defense lawyer, runs a blog critical of the state’s foreclosure process and is frequently quoted in national publications.

Matt Weidner has helped many.  He probably could have easily joined the ranks of the “mill” attorneys but his loyalty to the ethics of his profession would not allow him to do so even with the hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions – of dollars that could have been made.

The Bar Association must be a police force policing their industry against fraudulent activities, should not side with judges who would shred our Constitution and destroy our entire justice system.  Nor should they even attempt to violate anyone’s First Amendment rights.  In fact, they should honor those in their profession who take the stand for justice and promote the true code of ethics of their profession.  Lawyers like Matt Weidner, Judges like Boyko of Ohio and Shack of New York are the true standard bearers of justice and serve to protect the rights of the people.

The banks have taken liberties through fraud and willful disregard for laws, rules and regulations.  Our regulators allowed these abuses and continue to do so.  Our courts have also been complicit in aiding and abetting these illegal activities.

Little real actions have been taken against those lawyers who knowingly and willfully create fraud on the courts, cause the loss of individuals rights for fair and equitable treatment in our courts and do so for personal gain and profit.  This is as organized a criminal activity as are the drug cartels and the mafia.

Judges, lawyers and Bar Associations, remember your oaths.  Serve the interests of the people, uphold the laws and dispense justice fairly.  We the people (remember that phrase?) will settle for no less.

To all the attorneys like Matt Weidner …keep up the fight.  We are with you.

To read Yves Smith post in its entirety…click here

The Law Is The Law For Everyone

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