North Carolina Upholds Standing

This is big and this is important.

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It’s all about standing.  Having the legal right to foreclose.  The courts have ignored this rule for years but now they seem to be paying attention.  Standing IS THE ISSUE.  If you do not have the right to take the action then you simply cannot.  It is the law everywhere and needs to be upheld.  Just because a bank says it can it must prove it can.  Courts for too long have just gone along with the banks just because they are “the bank”.  In addition, those lawyers that perjure themselves must also be taken to the bar.  They lie in court, create fraud upon the court and act against the law.  They are as criminal as are the banks.  They should all be prosecuted and disbarred.

The appellate judge should be commended for taking the right action.  Judges are our lifeline to justice.  They are the ones protecting it.  Judges too, should be held accountable.

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