“Who Owns My Mortgage”…Demand To Know

Back in October, 2010, I posted an article “Who Owns My Mortgage…” in my other blog GoldmanSachs666.com.  As I was working on that blog earlier today, I was reminded that this one post had received the second most  comments of any other post in the history of GS666.  It was second only to Is Goldman Sachs Manipulating the Stock Market? – It Sure Looks Like It posted by Mike Morgan in April, 2009. shortly after he founded that site.  I acquired the site from him in October of 2009.

While that particular blog (called one of the top 10 Wall Street blogs you must bookmark now by the WSJ) – excuse the pat on the back – is mostly dedicated to exposing the  crimes, injustices and overall contol and power Goldman Sachs had over us and our government – I have taken the liberty of expanding the theme to include banking in general as well as the housing crisis.

Here is an excerpt from that post as well as the link to it.  Please enter your comments here or add to the ones already posted on the GoldmanSachs666 site.

The fight and battle continues.  Do not let “them” win.  This is our country ruled under our Constitution giving us our rights.  It is not up to the banksters to rule over us overriding the Constitution as well as all other laws be they local, state or federal.

Note: Anyone wishing to publish an article on GoldmanSachs666.com, please contact me by email: Larry@GoldmanSachs666.com.  I also have two related sites you will see links to on the main GS666 page.  Authors and contributors are needed there as well.  My FORUMS are meant to allow people to express themselves as well as reach out to continue the fight against those who want our homes, lives and next…our first born.

Who Owns My Mortgage Note…Demand To KNow

Editor’s Note: To all our GS666 readers.  The battle against big banks and The Too Big To Fail is just beginning.  We here at GS666 have been attempting to expose the truth thereby forcing resolutions for the many lawless injustices practiced by them.  In our departure from GS only material, we are and will be offering information and commentary on what will probably become the hottest topic since the beginning of this bank created scam on the world.  The evidence of fraud by banks and attorneys is reprehensible.  Our founder Mike Morgan thought so when he created this blog.  He believed in it and stood by his convictions as Goldman Sachs attempted to shut him up and shut this blog down.  Those of us who volunteered here and stood by him can now see some light at the end of a very large unjust tunnel.  We are proud to expand our horizons here at GS666.  After all, it is a fight for truth and freedom.

This email came to me from SEIU – Service Employees International Union – a union, who for the most part, supports “the people”.  I say, “for the most part” because there are times when I do disagree with them but as far as unions go, this is one of the better ones.

It includes a link to a web site that allows you to easily modify a letter to your bank and allows you to email it with a simple click of a button.

It has a very comprehensive list of banks and a link to go to if your bank is not included.  In addition, it provides a toll free number for each bank.

Read it all …including all comments…click here


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  • CoCo  On March 7, 2011 at 10:21 AM

    Go to the courthouse and see if your original note has been filed. If it has, as in my case, the next step is to go through your whole file at the courthouse. You need to look for ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE. In my case, Novastar sold my loan to Saxon in 2007. Saxon called me and told me to go late and they would modify my loan. I did and they gave me a bogus loan modification with JP Morgan Chase as the lender in 2008. I sent them a check and the paperwork and Chase refused to sign the loan mod. I did not pay any other payments as I called Chase and they said they never heard of me. Then Saxon told me Wachovia owned the loan. I called them and they never heard of me. In 2008, Bank of New York Mellon served me Lis Pendens. THIS IS WHAT IS IMPOORTANT-BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON DOES NOT OWN MY LOAN AND THEREFORE HAS NO STANDING TO FORECLOSE. A FAKE ROBO SIGNER BY THE NAME OF ALFONZO GREENE SUPPOSEDLY ASSIGNED THE LOAN TO BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON in 2009. I GOOGLED HIM AND HE IS LISTED AS A MAJOR FAKE ROBO SIGNER. ANYWAY, THE FAKE ASSIGNMENT WAS DONE AFTER THE FACT. LIS PENDENS WAS SERVED IN 2008-ASSIGNMENT DONE AFTER THE FACT IN 2009. IT WAS ALSO DONE IN DAKOTA COUNTY MINNESOTA WHERE MOST OF THE FAKE SIGNINGS ORIGINATE FROM. THEREFORE, THEY HAVE COMMITTED FRAUD UPON THE COURT. BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON HAS NO STANDING TO FORECLOSE AS THEY DO NOT OWN THE NOTE.
    Then, it gets better. Saxon gives me a loan mod in 2009. I pay for seven months on time even though they said I missed payments. I sent my payments to WELLS FARGO IN SACRAMENTO. I stopped paying as I realized they were scamming me. Again, Bank of New York Mellon signed the loan modification but had no legal right to accept payments. I am still fighting this one and WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO. They just don’t think we are smart enough to know that they have hired janitors, waitresses, etc. and had them sign FAKE ASSIGNMENTS OF MORTGAGES. If you and I did that we would be in prison. FIGHT THEM EVERY INCH OF THE WAY. I have been to court and the judge always says, “Is there any LEGAL reason the bank should not take your home?”. Yes, there is, FRAUD HAS BEEN COMMITTED UPON THE COURT. Hope this helps. Most of us have BROKEN CHAINS OF TITLE which means that the assignments were never correctly done so the banks had to falsify them to take your property. Most likely you will find your loan on SEC.com where it is owned by a pool of investors, not a bank, which raises other issues.

  • mortgage  On March 31, 2011 at 4:01 AM

    I like your site. Please post some more information. I’ll be making updates on your site.

  • Jan4h2o  On April 4, 2011 at 6:37 AM

    his is what I think is really happening. I base this upon my own personal experience as well as being a former Realtor and pre-law student. Ultimately, NO ONE is going to get a real loan modification because it is all a scam. We happen to have Chase Home Mortgage also, and I have read story upon story from one homeowner after another about the way these banks are abusing people. The stories are the same and I can identify with everything that others have said. The banksters’ ultimate goal is to take your house. THEY WILL FORECLOSE. Make NO mistake about that. You WILL lose your home. Bottom line.
    Because when the banks got all that bailout money, that gave the Feds the right to stick their nose in the banksters business. Banksters are common thieves (the ONLY difference is they dress nicer and don’t sneak into your home in the middle of the night).
    The banks want the Feds out of their business so they say they are going to pay back the bailout money to get the Feds off their backs. HOWEVER, rather than actually paying back the billions in bailout money (our taxpayer dollars mind you) they are forcing everyone who is upside down and behind into foreclosure. Banks almost always buy the/your houses back at the foreclosure sales. Then they write the difference off (as losses) on their taxes. Thus, they are technically “paying back” the bailout money but not out a single dime and, they get to keep the houses too and resell them and make even more money over the life of the new loan. They get to have their cake, keep it, and eat it too. This is who the American homeowner is dealing with.
    HOW are they getting away with doing this and why are they telling people to PURPOSELY NOT make XX payments prior to filing for a modification? The answer lies in the mortgage paperwork itself. Almost all mortgages have a clause in them called a “Power of Sale” provision. Read it! It plainly states that in the event of your default (ie., you get behind), the lender has the right to foreclose and NO OBLIGATION to enter into ANY modification program or accept anything other than what was originally agreed to. The banks are literally setting people up like dominoes. Just look around. Right now 4 out of 10 homes are either vacant or in foreclosure-that’s nearly HALF! The Banks have ZERO intention of letting you keep your home. It is a complete scam with the full blessing of our elected officials who work so hard for us (cough). Once you are behind, there appears to be no accountability as to what happens to any/all payments you make to them from what I am seeing and hearing. There are major discrepancies in escrows. My educated guess is that the banks are pocketing whatever you do send them so you might as well burn the money.
    Bottom line? Don’t get behind. In this economy though, I know for most people that is or has been impossible. If you have been or you are in arrears/trial loan modification, etc., REALIZE NOW that they ARE GOING to take your house-it is only a matter of time, a question of WHEN, NOT “IF”. If you are behind, stay in your home as long as you can, drag the process out as long as possible, realize you will most likely have to file bankruptcy because they will also try and come after you for the difference in what you owed and what the home actually sold for. Watch your respective County recorder’s office for the foreclosure sale date. They are REQUIRED to record that PRIOR to the sale. On the day BEFORE the sale, file your bankruptcy. It isn’t the end of the world. Rather, it is a new beginning. While you remain in your home DO NOT SEND THE BANK ONE CENT! Save ALL of your money and sell off anything you don’t need so that you can find another home when they stick a note on your door telling you that your home has been sold from underneath you. This is the inevitable. It is awful and scary and atrocious-but this is the reality of what is going on. I have yet to hear of a single loan modification that worked out in the homeowners favor. Google the banks and foreclosures and complaints and you will see the same scenarios being played out over and again and all have the SAME end result-FORECLOSURE! It is doubtful that the government or the AG’s will help. ALL the complaining is falling on deaf ears. Banks are powerful because they have money (our stolen money) and money is power. Class actions are good but they are only as good as the judge who handles the case and Judges can be and are bought and sold all day long for the right price. Bottom line, SAVE YOUR MONEY! Gve these criminal enterprises (banks) a taste of their own medicine. Play along – but send them no money and drag out the process of foreclosure as long as possible. Two can play at their game. But realize that ultimately you WILL lose your home so you best prepare yourself whilst you have the time. Don’t pay these bastards ANYTHING no matter what empty promises they offer. They are lying and yes, still stealing and they will stop at nothing to steal your home right out from under you.

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