The Foreclosure Crisis As Reported By the Palm Beach Post

Image courtesy of the Palm Beach Post

Visit the Palm Beach Post for some good info and stories on foreclosure. They have done a great job exposing the banks and some others.
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  • Tim Bryant  On February 27, 2011 at 9:52 PM

    I have the same problem with BofA. Fortunately, I have saved every single document, and just as important, THE LETTER IT CAME IN. If you have these saved, look at where the letter was mailed from, especially with their Fedex packages. Many of their docs do not come from BofA. I would bet you that if you really did your research, you would find at least 5 non-affiliated companies have been involved in “servicing” your mortgage. In fact, Mortgage Services, a subsidiary of Stewart Title/Mortgage, prepares much of the paperwork between the servicer and investor for modifications. They have been contracted by Freddie Mac, the compliance agent for Treasury under HAMP. If you see anything from 9700 Bissonett Street, Suite 1500, Houston, TX, that is not your servicer. The doc will not be signed, but will be on your servicer’s stationary (from a different address). If Freddie Mac or Mortgage Services are not the investor, nor the servicer, and there is no assignment recorded for them, they are tortionally interfering with your mortgage contract. They may in your case, also be racketeering and / or money laundering. Just another fine way your own government is trying to screw you.

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