Judge Wants Answers

From TBO.com:  Judge wants answers to foreclsoure document fees

DADE CITY – Pasco County Circuit Judge Susan Gardner decided to take a closer look at her foreclosure cases after law firms were accused recently of overbilling and forging documents.

Finally a judge who “has had enough” of bad and illegal practices of some of the foreclosure mill attorneys.  Judge Gardner decided to take a closer look at several random files two of which were cases involving Florida Default Law Group in Tampa which is currently under state investigation.  Why this law firm is still practicing law is beyond me.  Where is the Florida Bar Association, the Attorney General and other attorneys who have faced them with the many instances of fraud and deceit. 

Judge Gardner is finding what she says, “appear to be inflated charges to serve homeowners with lawsuits”.  Well why not.  These foreclosure mill attorneys are illegally filing these suits, then illegally providing false and/or forged documentation and often taking advantage of pro se litigants by not notifying them of the hearing they schedule for summary judgment.

If we think the banks are crooks so to are these crooked lawyers.  However, judges for the most part have been going along with them just because they are members of the same law fraternity.  Just like judges have been believing the banks just because they are “the bank”.

…she (Judge Gardner) issued orders this week requiring five lawyers from the firms to appear in court early next month and explain the fees and signatures. If they fail to show up, they could be arrested.

“I don’t want to throw anybody in jail, but I’m getting really angry, and I’m not going to tolerate it anymore,” Gardner said. “I want some answers. This stuff isn’t getting through on my watch.”

I would like to see some of these crooked lawyers go to jail.  Why shouldn’t they?  An illegal act is an illegal act regardless of who commits it.  Lawyers do not have a “get out of jail free” card.  If they break the law they should do the time just like you and I would.

I hope that this is just the tip of the iceberg for Judge Gardner.  I hope as she now reviews her case files she will not only find the excess fees being charged but will find the more important issues of lack of standing and forged or falsified documents.

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  • Mary  On May 31, 2011 at 2:12 PM

    Your article was very true, but one thing I don’t understand why is it that no one is investigating the trustees and Judges for taking the money and properties for themselves. How can they be honest when they are the investors. Some of them provide a neat little network in New Jersey especially Jersey City and the north jersey area. They pull every underhanded trick in the book. Any judge interested in justice could stop them but they have a greater interest. They themselves have a hand in the profits from sales of these houses so why should we get redemption time or accurate paper work or chain of title. And when they get busted they create an order demanding that they go back put more fake documents in that were never given to the homeowner to correct the problem. I have evidence that certain judges are involved with trustees who are skimming houses off the top and no one is checking and it’s tax free money from pass throughs through illegal poa’s and fraud. I want justice. I want an investigation and I want my house back.


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