New York State Foreclosures Grind To A Halt

What is causing this in New York?  The fact that the chief judge in New York – Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman – told all attorneys that any fraud found in any of their foreclosure filings would be met with severe measures.  The New York Post reports that

he is making lawyers sign affirmations promising they took “reasonable” steps to make sure the legal papers are true.

This affirmation has caused not only no new foreclosure actions being filed but existing cases are in a holding pattern.  Lawyers in New York, I believe,  know that the paperwork they have is shoddy at best and that there may be fraud existing in the files they receive from the banks.  At the very least, in order to prevail, they would have to create fraudulent paperwork – ala David Stearns old paper creating firm Weforgem and More, LLC (not really the name of the company he created to forge docs but I just could not resist)  New York lawyers – seems like all of them handling foreclosures for banks – are afraid to lose their license and they should be.

This action speaks loudly and should speak loudly to Chief Justices in all 50 states.  The banks and their lawyers have been and are still committing fraud which last I saw is against the law.  Even the Bar Associations of every state seems to condone this fraud as they themselves – as the watchdog over lawyers – do nothing given all the evidence that has been made public.

I believe that anyone is innocent until proven guilty- but in this case – the evidence is conclusive.  It is out in the open for all to see and there are plenty of credible admissions to this fraud.  What more do we need to begin prosecuting?  I, for one, would give rob – signers immunity in exchange for their testimony.  They, after all, were just doing what the boss was telling them to do so they could get their measly paycheck at the end of the week.  The boss, on the other hand (all CEO’s), were giving out instructions for this fraud so they could continue to get their hundreds of millions in paychecks.  Yes, I am making the assumption here that the CEO’s are or were aware of the fraud and therefore should be held accountable.  Again, innocent until proven guilty but in this case if one goes back to investigate all the fraud that has taken place one would find, I believe, that the CEO’s were very much aware of the fraud and probably gave instructions themselves.  You see, some of this fraud could only have been committed with instructions from very high levels.  Just like the case with Bernie Madoff.  If anyone still believes he acted alone then I would like to sell you the Skyline Bridge here in Tampa Bay. (It is a better value then buying the traditional Brooklyn bridge because of the weather)  Any takers?  I have an even better idea for the sale of this bridge – I will securitize it and each of you non believers in the extent of this fraud can buy a share of it.  Now, any suckers, I mean takers?

Yes, folks, I along with dozens of other bloggers have been trying to expose this fraud for months and in my case for years.  Problem is, we have but somehow the law and those responsible for uholding the law – judges, prosecuters, Bar Associations, lawyers, Attorney General’s (Federal and State) don’t seem to care to uphold the law for some.  A selective process which eventually will bring down our entire legal system and the democracy within what used to be a Republic will disappear.  The “elite” few will rule and function outside of the law while the rest of us peasants will be overly subjected to these same laws losing our lives, our liberties and our ability for our pursuit of happiness.

WAKE UP AMERICA.  Only “we” can bring justice back.  Only our combined, unified voices can make our lawmakers and police enforce the law against everyone.  No one is Too Big to Fail nor Too Big Not To Go To Jail.

Read the entire N.Y. Post article…click here

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