Ally Bank No Longer Referring Foreclosures To Florida Default Law Group

Here we go, a small victory.  FDLE one of 4 Florida law firms under investigation by the Attorney General’s office will no longer be getting cases to file from Ally Bank.

To me this is a victory of sorts, payback if you will.  Florida Default Law Group has played games with foreclosures, have been caught in the past and have gotten away with it.  Since they are one of four law firm “mills” that combined account for filing 80% of Florida foreclosures, this must hurt their pocket as I believe Ally had to be one of their biggest clients.

Could not happen to a nicer group of crooks.  If the heat is on them then anyone who is defending their foreclosure against them should fight back hard.  Get Discovery, depose people as ICE Legal did and you will probably find more ammunition to fight against them.

Here is an article that appeared in

Ally no longer sending foreclosures to law firm

By Kimberly Miller

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Ally Financial Inc. has stopped referring cases to the mega-foreclosure firm Florida Default Law Group as nationwide scrutiny continues of flawed court documents used to repossess people’s homes.

The Tampa-based firm, which is one of four large legal groups in Florida under investigation by the state attorney general’s office for foreclosure practices, has been withdrawing affidavits in Ally cases statewide with the revelation that possibly thousands of forms were not properly verified.

The pressure has remained on Ally, the fifth-largest loan servicer in the country, where an employee admitted in a deposition that he signed papers swearing he had personal knowledge that foreclosures were justified and verifiable when he had no such knowledge.

But foreclosure defense attorneys and politicians are also pinning blame on the so-called foreclosure mills that filed the faulty affidavits.

Last week, two U.S. representatives from Florida and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, D-Mass., demanded government-owned mortgage goliath Fannie Mae explain why it uses the four Florida firms under investigation.

“We are disturbed by the increasing reports of predatory foreclosure mills in Florida working for Fannie Mae servicers,” writes Frank, along with Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando, and Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Jacksonville. “The legal pressure to foreclose at all costs is leading to a situation where servicers are foreclosing on properties on which they do not even own the note.”

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