Barack Obama, Where Is Our Constitutional Right To Due Process

For those of us old enough to remember the old Soviet Union (USSR), where the people had few if any rights might see some similarities.

Little by little our constitutional rights have been taken from us and what is taken is NEVER returned.  It all began with the so called Patriot Act.  A removal of many of our rights in the name of national security.  Now this Act has bled over to other areas of our Constitution.

The following story by GRETCHEN MORGENSON and GERALDINE FABRIKANT – published: September 4, 2010. in the New York Times – Florida’s High-Speed Answer to a Foreclosure Mess tells a much bigger story then the one reported.

The real story is about the total disregard for Due Process of the Law, a basic Constitutional right we used to all enjoy here in the United States.  These types of actions along with the actions taken under the guise of the Patriot Act bring us ever closer to that once hated, demonic system of the old USSR.  In fact, our civil, constitutional and basic rights once enjoyed here can earn us the new name of the United States of the Socialist Republic (USSR).

As millions of us remain jobless and more millions face losing their homes to “illegal” foreclosure actions there seems to be no support from anyone in our government – Federal, State or Local.  What is happening?

We have seen attorneys all over the country attempting to fight the illegality of what is happening in our court rooms around the country, yet no one seems to want to tackle the problem head on.  I believe this will ultimately be a case heard in the Supreme Court of the United States but I truly doubt they would rule in favor of “the people”.

The hiring of retired judges to “clear dockets” is just not right.  If that is their mandate then where is the law? Does the law even matter anymore and if not then anyone facing any court action, be it civil or criminal, has no chance even if innocence is supported by the facts.

Read the NYT’s article…click here.
Then read the post in an attorney’s blog, 4closureFraudNY Times Picks Up on The Crisis in OUR FL Courts – High-Speed Courts Try to Rush Through Foreclosures.

It is bad enough that our government participated in creating this mess, rewarded the banks for doing so and now take more “illegal” actions to continue the ravage of the average American.

My hat’s off to all of the attorney’s and the handful of judges around the country who have been willing to stand up for JUSTICE and The American Way but I fear that the handful of them are just not enough.  What we need is a large grass roots effort by “The People” united as we must be to take back our rights and our country.  We need to put the “us” back in the U.S. and fight the demons who will have us be the USSR.

We need to unite as Citizens For The Restoration of Our Rights, send letters with thousands – if not millions – of signatures to our President, Congressmen, US Attorney General, the Attorneys General of all 50 states and to the media to begin this “financial civil war” to restore the real Republic For Which We Stand.

Due process is our RIGHT not privilege.  If this is allowed to happen in our civil courts for foreclosures then that sets precedence for all other actions in all other courts of this land.  In other words, WE LOSE OUR FREEDOMS and the laws are meaningless unless they suit the needs of the establishment.  Wall Street is fast becoming the Kremlin where the super rich are our new rulers.

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