Foreclosure 101 – Courtesy of Atty Matt Weidner

I have been following Atty Matt Weidner for quite some time now.  He was not one of the first attorney’s on the scene but has certainly become one of the premiere foreclosure defense attorney’s that I have seen.

Of course, we all know about Neil Garfield and the wonderful job he has done over the years educating the public as well as other attorneys.  Many of us have seen or heard of Atty Jeff Barnes who also has done wonders in the field of foreclosure defense.  Then there is April Charney, the attorney from Jacksonville, Florida who can be considered the pioneer of foreclosure defense.

There are others in Florida and around the country who also champion the fight against illegal foreclosures but not all with the same visibility as the ones mentioned above.

But in the past year or so, Mathew Weidner has surfaced through his Matt Weidner Blog.

Mr. Weidner is not only knowledgeable but is sincerely passionate about the fight against wrongful foreclosures, the illegal practices of the foreclosure mill attorneys as well as the total disregard our courts seem to have for the proper administration of our laws.

I recently referred two people to him who were victims of wrongful foreclosure and had gone to Summary Judgment.  One even went to sale, the other one’s sale is scheduled for September.

I have seen the motions he has filed in each case and I must say, as a layman with only practical and pro se experience in the law, I was more then impressed with the depth, detail and thoroughness of both Motions.  We do not kow yet if either court has overturned their original decision.  I will be following both cases closely and will report on them as developments occur.  However, again, as a layman putting myself in the judge’s chair, I would find it hard to not reverse my earlier decision based on the information and case history, statutes and other laws presented.

My mission here at TheForeclosureDetonator – which began back in 2007 – has always been to fight against the banks that have caused so much damage through their deceit, lies and fraudulent conduct.  We all know how they ruined our economy, blamed others and took their billions in salaries and bonues at the expense of most mikkle class Americans.  The money they “took” was our equity, our retirment and our investments, all taken by fraudulent or at the very least questionable methods. 

Then they turn around and begin to foreclosure on the very same homes they financed.  They sold the mortgage notes to other investors, got not only their original investment back but a massive profit besides.  Wall Street continued to make massive profits when selling the securities (MBS) packed full of mortgage notes to investors around the world.  In other words, the banks – the loan originators and funders along with the Wall Street group LOST NOTHING AND MADE BILLIONS.

Now, through the mostly unchallenged foreclousre process they are getting these homes back FREE.  The questions still remain, who owns the note, who has the right to foreclosure and who rightfully should receive the new profits after the “illegal” foreclosure sale?

Many of these questions are raised by Atty Weidner and he attempts to answer them in his very easy to follow daily blog.  I encourage all of you who visit here to bookmark Matt Weidner Blog and read it daily.  The information is invaluable be you a Pro Se litigant or another attorney whose practice does not allow for the research on this topic due to other legal matters mostly handled.

Let me share some of Matt Weidner’s latest information:
Special Note:  Matt Weidner highly recommends another attorney that he works with – Ryan C. Curtis, Esq., 175 NW 138 Terr., Jnesville, Fl> 32669.  Tel. 352.333.7207: Fax 352.333.7208

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Foreclosure Defense 101- My Friday Afternoon Gift to All of You!

August 27th, 2010 · No Comments · Foreclosure

foreclosure-defense-101Attached in this post is 84 pages of material that can form the basis for powerful defense in your foreclosure case.  Good thing it’s posted on the weekend so everyone can spend the weekend reading and absorbing the material.

The package was prepared by my friend and Fellow Foreclosure Fighter Ryan Curtis.  For those of  you fighting to keep your homes and defend this country in the Middle and Northern parts of Florida, I encourage you to contact my friend Ryan using the contact information below.

That really is one of the things that makes this fight so rewarding is the level of professionalism and selfless sharing that occurs among the many dedicated attorneys that are fighting to protect homeowners and defend our courts all across the state.  Unlike so many other areas of the law where attorneys jealously protect their work so that other attorneys cannot benefit from the very real investment of time that is spent in researching and preparing the work, the attorneys that draft these motions and share the research that is posted on here share it generously so that the larger community benefits.

We’re all in this together and if we somehow manage to make it through this mess we will have many good people (attorneys and layperson included) to thank for contributing to the fight!


Ryan C. Curtis, Esq.
175 NW 138th Ter., Suite 100
Jonesville, Florida 32669
(352) 333-7207 Tel.
(352) 333-7208 Fax

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Two New Court Orders- This conduct..demonstrated utter disregard and disrespect for the court…..

As always, fight your foreclosure.  We know you have not been able to make your payments but that does not constitute violating your rights and the laws.  The laws are the laws for EVERYONE and EVERYONE is entitled to their day in an “equitable” court of law.  If the party taking the action against you DOES NOT HAVE STANDING -the legal right to do so – then you must DEFEND this action in court. 

You have always heard me say:


but our courts, especially in foreclosure do not adhere to that same philosophy which they are mandated to do.  The judge’s job is to rule on legality of the facts and evidence presented and not on personal opinion.
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  • Ron Moss  On September 20, 2010 at 12:04 PM

    Ryan Curtis. Can you consider a class action nation wide suite against MERS? see my suit filed in Pierce Co. Washington State # 09 2 08469 1 Wrongful Foreclosure
    Thanks. Ron Moss

  • Mike H  On March 24, 2011 at 1:54 PM

    I am a former English instructor at a local college. I have successfully defended three personal
    foreclosures pro se from 2004-2009.
    As a result, by word of mouth, other pro se’s came
    to me and asked me for help in doing it pro se.In most
    cases, I have tried to refer them to attorneys, but
    most of them are so broke they couldn’t afford it.
    So far, using the information provided by Matt
    Weidner and Niel Garfield, I have coached about 120
    pro se’s in self defense against foreclosure. Only one
    case was lost, and that was a condo lien. Several have
    been dismissed and many have survived the summary judgment hearing. I want to thank Matt Weidner and Neil Garfield for sharing their information and making
    it possible for many “broke” pro se’s to defend them-
    selves. I highly recommend both web sites.
    I also recommend pro ses read the Nolo Books of
    Ch 7 and Ch 13 bankruptcy.

  • William Reau  On April 18, 2011 at 10:02 PM

    Is it possible to speak with Mike H. who posted on 3/24/11 at 1:54 PM, please? Email or telephone either one. Any response will be appreciated. Thanks!


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