More Questionable Legal Practices by “Mills”

When, when will this illegal activity be stopped?  When, when will the law once again stand for truth and justice?  When, when will this ravage of the people end and the United States once again return to what our flag and national anthem stand for?

With Liberty and Justice For All
From the New York Post:  Liening on NY homeowners: Chase and law firm draw scrutiny over tactics in foreclosure cases

As the mortgage melt down paralyzed the economy across the US and throughout New York State, one company in the center of the storm had all the business it could handle.

The little-known law firm of Steven J. Baum PC, which is based in suburban Buffalo, NY, and represents dozens of banks in matters of failed mortgages, last year filed a staggering 12,551 foreclosure lawsuits in New York City and the suburbs, which works out to about 48 a day.

The foreclosure mill is one of a handful of super-regional law firms used by the country’s banks — and its lawyers appear to have practiced in every county courthouse and bankruptcy court from Staten Island to Plattsburgh and from Montauk to Niagara Falls.

But as the volume of its workload increased, so did complaints from opposing lawyers and judges that some of the thousands of lawsuits contained questionable legal work.

One bank caught in the crosshairs is JPMorgan Chase Bank, one of the largest mortgage lenders in the city.

Larry here:  With all the news lately about fraud at Goldman Sachs, you would think someone out there, someone, would be looking into the thousands of cases of fraud being committed in our courtrooms everyday.

Our courts have turned into instruments of the financial industry and I consider them complicit in illegal activity in aid of organized crime. 

Who in this country is patriotic enough, to fight for JUSTICE for the people and for JUSTICE in our courts?  Without a legal system that operates legally, we are no better a nation then the dictatorships we learned about in school.  We are no better, yet we seem to continue to sell our brand of democracy and freedom at the point of a gun around the world. 

With each passing day, the dictatorial powers of our government increase, decreasing our inalienable rights granted us by our “lost” Constitution.

We are a do as I say, nation, not do as I do.

Where are the various Bar Associations to oversee and sanction lawyers who abuse the law and violate their code of eithics.  Could it be that this fraternity of legal beagles – lawyers and judges – have only their own agendas at heart and not the protection of the public? 

This fraud is too wide spread to be coincidence or just isolated actions.  This fraud is MASSIVE. 

People should be mounting “complaint campaigns” agaisnt wrong ful law firms ,- mills – with their state’s Bar Associations.  If each Bar Association gets thousands of complaints they would be compelled to act.

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