A Hundred Thousand Homeowners – Voices of Hope & Change

The foreclosure  crisis MUST be stopped.  And it would have been months ago… if America’s homeowners had a VOICE in Washington…

Click here to view this effort as presented in Mandelman Matter in lender-implode.com

Yes, we need to be heard by everyone in Washington.  They have turned a deaf ear to us.  The;ly have forgotten who they really represent and therefore have forgotten about our Constitution.

This whole economic crisis was, I believe, a planned event from the very beginning.  A way for the noble few to strip this country and its people of their wealth. 

They plan – which I calll a criminal conspiracy – from the very beginning was meant to rob us. 

We need to fight these criminals and their illegal, unlawful foreclosures but we must also fight those in Washington who are supposed to represent us and protect us.  They do not.  They serve their own interests along with the interests those banksters who created this scheme.

This is a massive “criminal conspiracy” against the people of this nation. Our elected officials along with the not elected officials began to conspire against us when they evoked the Patriot Act – which took most of our freedoms and liberties away.  Then they took our homes, our jobs and our money. 

America, WAKE UP and see what is happening. 

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