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Fighting Back…Is The Answer

It is important to fight your foreclosure, it can bring results.  This is a fight against a fraudulent system.  A banking system that commits fraud in most every case they file and the courts are beginning to pay attention.

Unfortunately, judges are human.  They know the law but are not schooled in the mortgage and banking system.  To them, when a bank says I own the note and mortgage the judge believes it.  You see, once upon a time, long, long ago, the banks and S&L’s that made you a loan did own it.  But with the U.S. Government of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that all changed.  These two Government Supervised Enterprises (GSE) began to “securitize” loans and sell these pooled packages on Wall Street.

Wall Street did not create the concept; they were on the “selling” part of it since the creation of GSE’s.  Wall Street just took the concept a step further to the brink of the abyss.  With trillions flowing they allowed it to go over the edge for all the while they were raking in trillions of dollars and still are.

The game was fast and furious and proper paperwork, documentation, legal procedures and good business practice all fell by the wayside.  Now they want to fraudulently recreate all that was missing or simply try to gloss over it in courts throughout the country.

Judges tend to believe that other lawyers (their brethren) and institutions as great and large as our banks would never lie in court.  On the surface it sounds right.  They made the loan and you are default on the loan.  Case closed.

Uh, uh! Case open not closed if you fight back.  The information is out there and has been publicized everywhere.  The article below from Michigan is yet another example of how homes were taken illegally but when the people fought back the people won.

The cases in Massachusetts and Kansas as well as many in New York all begin to show that when the people fight back and insist on the law being ruled on correctly, the people win.

Judges are beginning to get it.  It is up to us to keep them on their game and end the game of those banks who are committing fraud in our courts and against the American people.

Class action suits are an answer.  I have an idea that I will publish in a future post.  In the meantime, read the article below and FIGHT BACK.

Fight against foreclosures gaining momentum…click title to read full


Michigan, Kansas, Massachusetts cases set precedents

By Diane Bukowski
Michigan Citizen

DETROIT — Over 40 Wayne County homeowners have filed a $10 million class action lawsuit that could invalidate tens of thousands of mortgage foreclosure sales executed while Warren Evans was Sheriff

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