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Foreclsoure News and Links

These are some links to news stories around the country today.  I would love to comment on each of them but that would create a very long post.  So, as I do in another site I publish, I post daily links.  Time permitting, I will do so here as well.

Here are the links:

ABC News.com Walk Away: Why More People Should Abandon Their Homes

TFD:  This article talks about the logic to going into foreclosure as told by Professors at Universities.  In times like this there should be no fear or shame in doing so.  It is logical.  Further more, little has been done by the banks to help us and they don’t lose.  In fact, they gain.  The banks have all been paid on most of the mortgages they made by selling them to Wall Street.

Bank Foreclosure Cases Overwhelm Legal System
TFD:  Perhaps if the legal system followed the law and threw out cases where Plaintiff’s had no standing or cases that exhibited unquestionalbe fraud and perjury then they might not be so overwhelmed.  These are courts of “equity” – but whose equity are they protecting by acting illegally?

Legal Aid Seldom Used In Foreclosure Cases
TFD:  Many people don’t know where to go for legal help.  This may help you.  One of the best known Foreclsoure Defense Attorney’s in the country is April Charney, a legal aid lawyer from Jacksonville, FL.


The Philadelphia
program forces an outcome by bringing together all the principals in one room. If the mortgage company proves intractable, the homeowner has the right to request mediation in front of a volunteer lawyer serving as a provisional judge, who relays recommendations to the program’s supervising judge. If the judge finds that the mortgage company is not acting in good faith, she can hold the house in limbo by denying permission for a sheriff’s sale.

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