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Motion For Sanction Of Dismissal With Prejudice

This motion has not been verified.  Anyone with access to Palm Beach County Circuit Court can certainly go and do so. 

That being said, the Motion detailing the Interrogatories and the Deposition of an IndyMac employee can be believed.  There is no question that falsifying documents, pleadings, discovery, assignments and more is a very common occurrence.  It is just this type of action in collusion with the foreclosure mill attorneys that prompts my favorite saying, “The Law Is The Law For Everyone”.

These are – too say the least – criminal actions.  Lying under oath is a crime and answering interrogatories and depositions is done “under oath”.

Judges across the nation must sit up and take notice.  Yours, your Honor, is to uphold the law not allow it to be abused. 

As this Motiion is rather long, I will cut short my comments here and allow you to read the Motion (29 pages).  This is good information.

Thank you to the reader that sent us this information.

Read the entire Motion…click here

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