Sarasota Herald Tribue Says Fight Your Foreclosure

When faced with foreclosure, don’t give up

By ANNE L. WEINTRAUB Guest Columnist

Anne L. Weintraub is a partner with Sarasota’s Syprett, Meshad, Resnick, Lieb, Dumbaugh, Jones, Krotec & Westheimer, P.A.

A local newspaper is urging people to fight their foreclosure actions.

Unfortunately, many borrowers ignore the foreclosure papers and do not contact an attorney for help because they cannot afford one or because they are misinformed. As a result, banks too often win their cases with no resistance from the homeowner. This is unnecessary because many times the bank cannot even prove it has a right to sue the homeowner, as it cannot prove ownership of the mortgage in the foreclosure lawsuit. But that fact goes unchecked if a homeowner simply gives up.

Yes, you NEED TO FIGHT BACK.  As I have always said, “two wrongs don’t make a right”.  The laws of the land are the laws for everyone, Even if you are in default on your mortgage the law says that only the “Right Party In Standing” has the legal right and ability to sue you for foreclosure.  As this article in the Herald Tribune points out more often then not the party suing you for foreclosure DOES NOT HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO DO SO.

Most homeowners also believe that hiring an attorney is not affordable. But if the borrower qualifies, there is free legal help through many of the nonprofit agencies located in our community. Please visit scgov. net/homehelp for a list of these agencies and their phone numbers. Homeowners facing foreclosure can investigate their rights on the same Web site.

As Ms. Weintraub points out in her article, fighting back is a win win for everyone.  Stemming the tide of massive foreclosures will help the economy rebound.  It will maintain the integrity of neighborhoods.

The cause of this crisis are the very same banks that are trying to take your home.  The economy crashed because of them.  You may have lost your job because the economy craxhed – because of them.  The value of your home declined – because of them, them of course, being the banks.

Don’t give up without a fight.  Make the law work the way it was meant to work.  Don’t let these foreclosure mill attorneys working for these criminal banks take your home by violating the law and your rights under the law.
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