The Judge Who Dispenses Justice

This is really an old story that has just been noticed by the media.  This story appeared yesterday in teh New York Times and has been circulated over the internet, other media and the blogs.

I first wrote about Judge Schack almost two years ago when he first started denying banks – specifically Deutsche Bank – their foreclosures because they did not have their paperwork in order and could not prove that they “owned” the note providing them the “proper standing” to take the action.

Other judges in New York also took these actions as did Judge Boyko, the Federal Judge in Ohio.  Their correct, fair and JUST actions prompted the “Produce the Note” defense so many – but not enough – are using.

Judge Schack along with all other judges – stilll in the minority – are applying the law to everyone as they should.

If you don’t own something and can’t prove you own it then you – by law – have no right to take legal action.  That is the law!  If we allow the justice system to apply any law as they see fit there is no longer a valid legal system here in this country.  Discriminating openly in favor of those institutions that have billions of dollars and were given billions more by “the people” againstthe common person in a court of law makes a mockery of the entire system.

If the banks can go to court and take an action “without standint” – the legal right to do so = then we should all have that right.  Everyone could sue everyone for anything without having to have any right to do so.

I am personally happy to see this article and information on Judge Schack resurface after so many months and so many millions of illegal foreclosures around the country.  Maybe, just maybe, the entire court system will see the illegality of what they are participating in and change.

If you are in foreclosure or about to go into foreclsoure, talk to an attorney.  If you cannot afford one – and many cannot – do some research.  Above all, in Judicial states where they have to serve you with a summons, you MUST respond to it withing the time allowed – usually 20 days.  DO IT.  Respond.  There is much information on the web and I will be providing you more links.  You have the right to defend yourself and you can do it in what is called “Pro Se” – defending yourself without the use of an attorney.  Statistics have shown that almost 50% of the cases in courts today are being defended Pro Se.  But I cannot stress enough, seek out a specialist, an attorney that understands these issues and is not affraid to stand up to a Judge and tell him that the opposition has NO STANDING and if they do , THEN PROVE IT.
Read The Full NYT Article…click here

Every week, the nation’s mightiest banks come to his court seeking to take the homes of New Yorkers who cannot pay their mortgages. And nearly as often, the judge says, they file foreclosure papers speckled with errors.

He has tossed out 46 of the 102 foreclosure motions that have come before him in the last two years. And his often scathing decisions, peppered with allusions to the Croesus-like wealth of bank presidents, have attracted the respectful attention of judges and lawyers from Florida to Ohio to California. At recent judicial conferences in Chicago and Arizona, several panelists praised his rulings as a possible national model.
TheForeclsoureDetonator says:  Fight your foreclosure.  Don’t just walk away from you home.
As a researcher, I have not only some of Judge Schack’s official decisions but other Judges decisions as well.  Email for this reference material.

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