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From time to time I find other blogs that support and inform homeowners in or about to go into foreclosure.  After all, the purpose of this blog is to encourage people to defend themselves and to do so requires as much information as possible.

NationalAuditReview’s Blog is one of those I feel can help.  I encourage you to visit and bookmark this link.

Foreclosures Judge grapples with her discovery of 15,000 unserved foreclosure cases by Billy Shields

is a story worth reading as are many of the other posts on this site.  This particular post raises many questions even in the questions being raised by the judge herself.

It appears, to me at least, that more emphasis is being placed on speed and expediency then on upholding the law and the rules of engagment as the “law” requires.

If service is required then service is required.  If one cannot be served personaly then the law provides for “constructinve service” by notification in public media.  However, the point is made by some that this process takes too long.  Too long?!!! So is that a reason to bypass “The Law”?

Have our laws become just a sham to be used selectively by those and for those of an elite status not the common person for whom these laws were written.  Have we forgotten this is a government “for the people BY the people?

More and more the average American, you and me are being cast aside and taken advantage of by the new “elite” be they individuals of wealth and power or corporations taking power and control by those very individuals of wealth.

We bail out the banks who got us into this situation.  They are the culprits, those to blame for our economic crisis that is growing while “they” tell us it is getting better all the while stripping us of more of our money and homes leaving us destitute.

On this the eve of the Fourth of July – our independance day – let us continues the fight against oppression as our founding fathers and all their followers whopaid the ultimate price – death – in the fight for liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all and forever.  Let us honor them along with the many who serve our country today, sacraficing and fighting to “preserve” our freedom and liberty.

Please view this tribute to the Fourth of July created by who has allowed us to share it with you.

Happy Independence Day from

Happy Independence Day from

It is worth view

ON BEHALF OF TheForeclosureDetonator

may you have a safe and happy holiday

and continue to fight for what is just, right, legal and democratic in our republic.

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