Have We Lost Control of Our Democracy?

Harpers Magazine posted a report titled, George W. Bush’s Disposable Constitution” By Scott Horton.

Included in this article is a video from MSNBC which I have embedded. As always, please turn off Bloomberg TV on the left panel. Thank you.

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The article and the MSNBC piece discuss how the Presidency was given broad powers which many – myself included – feel are unconstitutional. The article closes with a very interesting statement.

We may not have realized it at the time, but in the period from late 2001-January 19, 2009, this country was a dictatorship. The constitutional rights we learned about in high school civics were suspended. That was thanks to secret memos crafted deep inside the Justice Department that effectively trashed the Constitution. What we know now is likely the least of it.”

While this article deals primarily with Presidential War Powers, unauthorized surveillance and other Constitutional violations or disregard, I believe it is also relevant in terms of our economic crisis and how our government is dealing with it.

If there is any truth to the article at all – Harper’s is a long recognized journal but that in itself does not necessarily validate any of its’ reports – it does further my belief that there may be what I call a “shadow government”. A group of people – not our elected officials – that really run our country.

It is somewhat obvious to me that our large, major corporations – be they financial, oil or automotive – certainly have a privileged seat at the “round table”. Our central banking system – The Federal Reserve – a secretly owned, privately held corporation – not only controls all of our nations money but will hold each and every one of us for generations to come hostage to the debt we owe them. We pay interest each and every year on each and every dollar in circulation.

The question we should all be asking ourselves and our government representatives is – as we the people crumble economically – what truly are our rights under our Constitution?

There is selectivity in our judicial system currently being exhibited to a large extent in the mortgage foreclosure ciris where “due process” and “proper standing” to litigate are not necessarily adhered to. There is a large constitutional and legal issue here on what could well be an illegal enterprise.

There is obviously selectivity on who we “bail out”. If, for example, if AIG is too big to fail then are not the American people as a whole too big to fail? If so, why then is cash not being injected as quickly and easily into the population on Main Street as it is on Big Street?

It appears to me that the Rothschild Plan – developed by Meyer Amshiel Rothschild in the late 1700’s is being carefully executed. For those of you not familiar with Rothschild, he actually created the concept of a central banking system, established the prominence of the Bush’s, J. P. Morgan and others into the prominent positions they have today.

It is Rothschield that once said, “let me control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its’ laws”. Big money today is the ruling force. Google The Federal Reserve and you will find that Rothchild always comes up in the search. If you are interested, do the research for yourself. I think you will be amazed at what you find.

I often stated, that no matter who becomes President certain actions and policies would remain the same. While I favor President Obama for appearing to be a people’s President, I already see where some of his policies are following the same old route. Is this his choice or is there a higher power to be answered to?

I find it interesting that the Harpers article called the past seven years a “dictatorship”. I find it interesting as I have been calling it a “democratic dictatorship” – one where we freely elect our government representatives but one where our majority opinions matter not.

An example of this would be the additional funds being given to AIG. $30 billion would seem to do more for our economy and our citizenry if it were given directly to education, health care, unemployment insurance funds, small business enterprises to jump start the larges employer of all or to a multitude of other efforts. A direct injection of that amount of cash into the street economy would certainly jump start the battery. It always seems odd to me that finding money for the people always is difficult with much debate and budgetary constraints but magically that amount of money can appear from thin air with no debate or budgetary constraints.

It sure makes me wonder, how about you?

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