Proving Ownership of the Note

TheForeclosureDetonator was originally founded to alert and inform people facing foreclosure that there is a way to “fight” back and that they should fight back.

The tangled web of financial companies that we are currently giving billions upon billions of dollars to are still working their tangled web of corporate entities to defraud the very same people they sold their version of the American Dream to.  This tangled web of cheaters, liars and illegal enterprises continue to destroy the people of this country while the good peole of this country fighting for their very survival are funding them to do so.

Is this not treason?  Purposely destroying this nation for their own personal financial gain and more important – control – of our country.

They believe – by virtue of illegallyl foreclosing – that they are not only above the law but are the law.  They can do whatever they want, whenever they want and to whom ever they want at any time they want.

As I have been writing on the issue of defending foreclosure for almost two years now, a more prominent advocate, April Charney, attorney from Jacksonville, Florida has gained national attention by actually challanging these unlawful acts and standing up to the creators of our current and what shall be a very long term crisis.

She has not only defended foreclosures but has taught over 1500 other attorneys how to do so.  April Charney’s message is worth repeating over and over again.

Don’t take my word for it but do take hers.  Those taking foreclosure action against you are most probably doing so illegally.  But unless – you – the homeowner takes the legal defense action against them they will continue to use the wrinkle in the law – that of default for lack of response – to accomplish the foreclosure.

I cannot urge all of you enough to FIGHT.

Recently this article was published in the New York Post on line by Richard Wilner,




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