A New Dawn, A New Day

Today is a great day to be an American regardless of your party affiliation or beliefs. Today is a day we set aside our differences and our problems to celebrate the part of democracy that is still functioning.

The transfer of power, peaceful and orderly. A new regime, a new Commander In Chief, a new direction and a new beginning for all mankind.

Sure, the problems we face as a nation and as a world are still here on this day, but as we see, we can all survive this day to enjoy the moment. Our issues are still at hand as President Obama so well indicated in his address. The problems of the world are still at hand as many in other countries stopped to recognize this moment.

Let us celebrate the day for tomorrow the real work for the new administration, our new President and Vice President and all the rest of us begins.

We know what history has already proven and created, we don’t know what today’s event will bring. We can only all work together as a nation to right the many wrongs and allow our new government the opportunity to prove themselves. They cannot do it alone. They will not succeed alone. Only “we the people” guiding our government, working with our government and sacraficing along with our government can “we” succeed.

It is truly my hope that this government is the government of all the people, for the people. Only time will tell.

Congratulations to us all on this most historic of days.

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