Non Partisan News and Information…Bob Barr Speaks Out

Libertarian Bob Barr

Judy Woodruff interviews Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr, a former GOP Congressman from Georgia, about his take on the economic crisis and other issues.

The story and link above comes from the Jim Lehrer, Newshour Report on PBS. I found many of his remarks to be valid, his delivery fluid and his knowledge of the situation in America realsitic.

Our democratic system allows for free elections and is not limited to just one or two parties. We often forget – or are allowed to forget – that there are other parties and candidtates running for President. They are precluded from participating in debates and little if any main stream media coverage is done on them. Many of them do have good things to say and views and opinions that Americans should listen to.

As I listen to our two major candidates I hear the same speaches at each whistle stop. The same – they don’t even try to say what they say in a different way. You would think that their speach writers could be much more creative then what they are.

Listen to Bob Barr as he talks about the economy, Wall Street and the Wars. He admits that he does not stand a chance of winning nor am I sure he would be right for the job but he does have a message to send out, one which perhaps the only two major party candidates should listen to. Perhaps we, as Americans should listen as well.

Listen and decide for yourself.

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