The Latest Bailout By The Government

Seven Hundred Billion Dollars – $700,000,000,000.  Not many of us even know what it looks like nor can even fathom how much it is.  But if that is not shocking enough let’s take a look at how much the government has spent lately.

  • $55 billion – $55,000,000,000 to J.P. Morgan Chase to purchase (?) Bear Stearns.
  • $300 billion – $300,000,000,000 to take over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  • $85 billion – $85,000,000,000 to nationalize AIG, the largest insurance company in the world with 150 operating divisions all making money and are profitable.
  • $700 billion – $700,000,000,000 the lates bailout or give away program for the banks.

These total $1.14 Trillion.  Here is what this looks like –$1,140,000,000,000

What does all this have to do with TheForeclosureDetonator and how to defend against your foreclosure?  Plenty!  For one, our government is spending money that does not even exist, in amounts most of us cannot comprehend all in the name of helping us.  If us are the executives heading the banks and if they are like the executives who head the Wall Street Investment firms – now actual banks – then it is a successful program.  But us are not them.  We are the core of this nation in the greatest fight of our lives and our enemy is not from a foreign country, not a member of any religious group and not even another country.  Our enemy are these very banks and Wall Street firms that have run the economy of this nation and the world into oblivian whom we are now rewarding.

This is all the more reason we must learn to fight, fight for our rights and fight for our homes, our families and our dreams.  Continueing to allow the banks to foreclose illegally only adds to our hardships and the demise of our free economy and democracy. 

All that they have done has been illegal and continues to be so only now with the aid of government who does not seem to represent us any more.  You see, none of the bailouts above do one single thing for us, the people.

This will not be easy but fighting never is but fight we must. 

Below are links to three CBS News stories that everyone must see and hear.  Pass them on to all you know.


Wall Street Shadow Market's

Wall Street Shadow Market

 A REAL STORY OF HOW BIN LADEN MIGHT HAVE ESCAPED FROM OUR TROOPS.  My question is, are these two related?  Was the false economic prosperity a tactical diversion for the people by the government?

The Hunt For Bin Laden

The Hunt For Bin Laden



As Lehman Collapsed, Execs Were Rewarded

Failed Bank’s Managers Received Bonuses While Pleading For Federal Aid, Documents Reveal

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