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This blog and the related site, www.TheForeclosureDetonator.org are meant to help the millions of Americans who have fallen victim to mortgage foreclosures.  Very few know that a foreclosure CAN be fought legally in court.  Very few know that most foreclosures are illegal and are basically “fraud”.  The lenders that are foreclosing are committing fraud not only on the many homeowners but on the courts themselves.  They prey on the masses, knowing full well that most people don’t know their legal rights and the laws governng the foreclosures.  The lenders along with the attorneys representing them are profiteering once again furthering the fraud against the invetors who purchased the mortgages in the form of securities.

Lenders have not only been paid for the mortgages they made but are now illegally taking back properties, selling them and profiting twice.

THIS MUST STOP!  We need to maintain the integrity of our neighborhoods, the justice system and most of all the citizens of this country who are being scammed by an economy working in favor of banks and Wall Street. 

This blog along with www.TheForeclosureDetonator.org will begin to provide the knowledge needed to FIGHT FORECLOSURES and win, stopping the banks and Wall Street from profiting through illegal actions.

Anyone involved in foreclosure or anyone who has been through foreclosure can be helped.  More and more judges around the nation are recognizing the fraud and denying the foreclosures.  Some are even reversing final judgments and unwinding the foreclosure.

Your comments and questions are welcome here.  Toghether we can fight this crime against the population and begin to put an end to rogue corporations whose greed is sanctioned by the government allowing them to fleece its citizens.

Here is a quote as was published in the National Law Journal:

National Law Journal as reported by Julie Kay, staff reporter on July 14, 2008


“I deny more foreclosures than I approve,” said Justice Arthur Schack of Kings County, N.Y., Supreme Court, in Brooklyn. “I want to see the servicing agent’s power of attorney, I want to see all the paperwork before I approve it. If the paperwork is garbage, I deny it. If you’re going to take away someone’s home, it should be done properly.”



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